Dr McCrumbles art

Dr Joseph McCrumble is not only the world's first celebrity Parasitologist, but he is also an accomplished artist. Here we are privileged to gain, for the first time, a glimpse into his artistic mind. The Cumbernauld Institute of Art was founded by Dr McCrumble and is one of Scotlands premier exhibition centres for post-modernist existential-abstractism.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Fantastic Paintings of Dr Joseph McCrumble

Welcome to my art gallery. I have dedicated part of my life to bringing the artistic side of scientists such as myself to a wider audience. I firmly believe that creativity is shared amongst all peoples, irrespective of profession or background. These pictures are a window to the Artist's mind, and have been specially chosen to highlight the close attention I pay to philosophical, metaphysical and existential issues. Commentary has been kindly supplied by my good friend, the avant-garde artiste, Bernadette Saupin.

Uninhibited race through the sands of Time (2001)

This startling piece of work came about after a trip to the Mohab Desert in search of a parasite that inhabits desert rats. Dr McCrumble was inspired by the sight of thousands of grains of sand being swept across the sun-drenched vista, and immediately put felt-tip pen to paper. The sketch was then transformed into a mixed-media painting on yak-skin canvas back in his holiday-loft on the isle of Mull. It is one of my personal favourites.

Penguin soldiers facing down the wrath of the sun-god (1999)

Dr McCrumble often dreams of a utopian society few of us can realise even within the relatively uninhbited corners of our mind. Here, he strikingly depicts the result of a dream where King Penguin is revealed as the arbiter of all morality, and the sun seeks revenge for being usurped as teh sole provider. This picture will be featured in a retrospective of Dr McCrumbles work to be held at the Cumbernauld Institute of Art.

Two sentinels dancing by the tree of Life (2004)

The evolution of Dr McCrumble's artistic mind is leading him to new and exciting places on a daily basis. By combining vivid colours with timeless scenarios, his excitement shines through in a collage of ideas and emotions. The two sentinels in this picture represent Yin and Yang, Dr Mccrumbles pet budgerigars (sorely missed).

The coming of my alternate reality (2001)

Many aspects of how we see the world are shaped by out experiences in the ethereal components of our existentialist metaphors. Rolling through the vistas of our minds are a million alternatives, each superceding the expectations of a myriad failures. Who knows when we shall see the light?

Too many neurons spoil the linguist (2004)

Talk is cheap, yet we all spend an inordinate amount of time and money communicating verbally. What if we could silently transmit our thoughts as discrete packets of thought-quanta? In this beautiful study, Dr McCrumble shows us his vision of a world where the new order overcomes the old guard of the physical wires. The repetetive, virtual, incoming signal of the abstract figurine is a broad genesis of playful enigmas against a alarmist background colour, warning us of the dangers of over-abstractism.

Life-blood connectivity in a catatonic atmosphere (2002)

Do you ever wish you knew where your thoughts end and reality begins? Here, Dr McCrumble has attempted to bring the notion that the hippocampal aspects of our innate biological mechanisms are intimately inter-connected with the ethereal aspects of out transient consciousness. This picture won the 'Cumbernauld Institute of Arts Special Award for Artistic Achievement by an qualified Parasitologist' in 2002.

Disaffected alien assasin provoking a backlash (2004)

This energetic piece represents, in symbolic and metaphoric terms, the eternal struggle between the scientific brain and the artistic temperament, and highlights the overwhelming odds encountered in the downward spiral that accompanies the transition from one to the other on a daily basis.