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Dr Joseph McCrumble is not only the world's first celebrity Parasitologist, but he is also an accomplished artist. Here we are privileged to gain, for the first time, a glimpse into his artistic mind. The Cumbernauld Institute of Art was founded by Dr McCrumble and is one of Scotlands premier exhibition centres for post-modernist existential-abstractism.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Road

Dear Reader

A new artisitic intiative is about to be launched. Today, I am starting on a journey that will take me to hither unknown lands. I am talking about the very inner folds of my cerebellum, where my artistic self resides. To do this, I have set myself the herculaen task of producing a new piece of artwork each week. The first piece is shown below. Each piece of work will be accompanied by a free-form commentary from myself, as an aid to interpretation.

Please feel free to add your own comments to each piece. This way we shall all learn how art touches our souls in many different ways

Rabbit on the Road (2006)

Comments from the artist:

'It is several years since my first encounter with this rabbit. I was walking to my home after partaking of three tots of Scotch Whisky with an old school friend when I was suddenly startled by the afterglow of a rabbit's tail in the diminishing light. The sun was high, and yet I felt as though I was walking in the darkness of an undiscovered hinterland. The dog chased the rabbit into a graveyard, and I was left to wander the barren motorway once more. It garnered in me a feeling of stringent nostalgia that led me down a stormy path'

J. McCrumble 11/02/06


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